Tuggy Toys - 100 % handmade in Stuttgart, Germany

Tuggy Toy Classic von rudi.licious Parson Russell Terrier

Tuggy Toys

Our Tuggy Toys are ideal for playing, retrieving, cuddling and playing tug-of-war. They are made from 100 % recycled fleece. Also, they are very durable and robust, yet elastic.


rudi.licious is a dog label from Stuttgart, Germany. We create carefully handcrafted dog toys and accessories with much love to detail.

- founded 2016

Behind the Scenes

Follow us on Instagram and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of our photo shootings. You will find loads of information around dogs, playing, having fun and new products. Besides, there are always new photos showing Rudi and his friends loving the Tuggy Toys.


Work hard, play hard

Besides our Tuggy Toys from different collections, we are happy to implement your personal preferences when it comes to colors, sizes and shapes. Rudi.licious is happy to create your individual and unique toy.


Whether it matches your dog’s bed, pillows or your furniture, whether it is simple or a colorful eye-catcher – rudi.licious has the perfect dog toy for you.